Improving Emergency Departments

MetricAid builds and delivers performance- and preference-based physician schedules using technology and in-house expertise



Performance-based schedules to ensure lower wait times and increased billings



Schedules custom-tailored to your lifestyle and other professional obligations


Patient Experience

Improved patient outcomes, fewer LWBS and decreased rates of readmission

MetricAid Physician Scheduling is unique, in that it incorporates physician practice analytics, preferences and availability…MetricAid is truly an innovative leader in their field.

Kuldeep S. Sidhu, MD CCFP(EM)

Chief, Program Medical Director, Emergency Medicine
Associate Professor, DFCM
University of Toronto


MetricAid’s performance-based schedules lower wait times and increase revenues
  • We create optimized shift templates based on supply and demand

  • Our schedules are built using individual performance metrics while incorporating physician preferences to ensure optimized patient flow

  • Our services help in the strategic resource planning of future needs and increased censuses
  • Our methodologies increase organizational efficiencies helping you see more patients. We have increased patient assessments per hour by as much as 21%, with the associated increase in billings

  • The hospitals we service recover hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in lost revenue by reducing the number of uncompensated visits, such as patients leaving without being seen (LWBS)

  • Our clients are top earners in Ontario’s Pay-4-Results (P4R) incentive program, with many earning millions in revenue


Schedules custom-tailored to your lifestyle
  • We schedule you for more of the shifts you like, and fewer of the shifts you don’t like

  • You will NEVER be scheduled in conflict with your other professional obligations

  • Your schedule is custom-tailored to your lifestyle and is delivered on time, every time
  • Working with our schedulers gives our clients the freedom to plan their personal lives around their professional obligations

  • Our web-based tool eliminates scheduling conflicts and drastically reduces the need for shift trades, ensuring the satisfaction of the physician team

  • Our application allows you to input your scheduling preferences to a very fine degree, including a section for communicating personalized requests to your scheduler

Patient Experience

Timely Medicine is Better Medicine
  • Due to the timely care received at MetricAid serviced hospitals, patients reclaim hundreds of thousands of hours outside of the emergency department

  • Patients at MetricAid ED’s are seen in a timely fashion and are less likely to leave without receiving care

  • MetricAid clients enjoy exceptional NRC Picker Patient Satisfaction scores in the 95th percentile
  • Reductions in ED wait times are directly correlated to improvements in patient care and outcomes

  • Correspondingly, at MetricAid serviced hospitals the rate of readmission to ED in under 30 days is reduced by up to 50%
When we are able to provide more timely service, patients and families are happier, which makes for happier staff. The overall atmosphere in an emergency room that is coping well with patient flow is night and day compared with the tension in an ER that is overcrowded and hours behind

Dr. Howard Ovens

Chief, Mount Sinai Hospital

Evidence-Based Results

With their metric analysis and speed sensitive scheduling for ER physicians the company has been part of making us one of the top performing large emergency departments in Ontario.

Dr. Erica Buck, M.D., CCFP

Chief and Medical Director
North Bay Regional Health Centre ED
MetricAid has revolutionized my ED shift scheduling flexibility and allowed me to commit to regularities in my weekly schedule that I haven’t been able to do in over a decade. Most importantly, I feel able to make detailed scheduling requests to MetricAid that I would never ask of an individual scheduler.

Dr. Cheryl Hunchak

Emergency Physician, Schwartz-Reisman Emergency Medicine Centre
Mount Sinai Hospital
MetricAid’s customer service is top notch…We are impressed with their (ability to produce) a difficult schedule for a group of over 50 physicians.

Dr. Prashant Phalpher

Site Chief, Emergency Services
Brampton Civic Hospital

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MetricAid, a Northern Ontario technology company, is transforming emergency department physician scheduling. Emergency departments currently using the MetricAid solution realize improved patient wait times, fewer workload spikes and a positive environment for the practice of better medicine.

MetricAid delivers a level of process transparency, work/life balance and workplace improvement by building schedules based on three main axes; performance, preference and equitability.


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